Glitter For Different Industries

How To Apply Glitter Powder For The Different Industry? 

The usage of glitter powder: Glitter Powder can be mixed with paint,glue,ink,paint,paper pulp,glass pulp,color concentrate.All kinds of raw materials are mixed,then the mixture is cured by natural air drying,high temperature oven drying,cooking drying and so on.


Glitter For Christmas Art:

Christmas process: Glue(water,oil)->Throw off Glitter powder->Natural drying(drying)


Glitter For Candle Art:

Mix wax and glitter powder together(transparent)->cooling forming


Glitter For Ceramic Art:

Paint(oil,glue)->Throw off glitter powder->drying->spray paint->Natural air drying(baking)


Glitter For Iron Art:

Iron products process:Mix varnish and glitter powder together->spraying glitter paint->natural air drying(baking)


Glitter For Paper Art:

Paper process: Waterborne glue->machine printing->natural molding

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