How to apply glitter powder for leather industry?

   Mixing glitter powder with PU leather brings the leather special bright,which is referred to "brilliant leather" in the leather industry.The technology of applying glitter for leather is widely uesed in the different industries.It has  developed from the beginning of the shoe material to handicrafts,ornaments,wallpaper decoration etc.On the surface of leather,glitter powder forms a bright visual effect.    
 The method of applying glitter for leather is spraying method.Firstly,the artificial leather is coated by polyurethane adhesive,then spray some color glitter powder on the leather’s surface, press it properly to improve glitter’s    fastness,then drying at 140~160℃ for about12~24h. After the adhesive is fully curing, clean the excess glitter powder.The glitter leather produced by this method has a strong sense of 3D effect and bright color,reflecting different gloss from different angles.  

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