Luminous Pigment For Plastic Injection Industry

Injection plastic products can be seen everywhere in our lives.Luminous pigment can be added to injection plastic products and let the plastic products be more shine.So,how to apply luminous pigment to plastic injection industry and improve its quality? 
Luminous pigment(Photoluminescent Pigment)can be added some diffusion oil to injection plastic product ingredients,the proportion of about 5‰.The diffusion oil can play a disperse role and touch evenly to the material surface,making the luminous pigment is not easy to cluster.If luminous pigment cluster,it will fall into the drum,which increase the friction of luminous pigment and screw then it will easily lead to produce black phenomenon.
Formulation note: 
1.Select Plastic Materials 
Plastic is better to choose plastic powder with the higher the melting index,.Because the higher melting index for the resin,the more brightness of luminous pigment can glow in the darkness.
2.We'd better to choose luminous pigment with  small particle size,which is below 48um.
3.Select Lubricant
Polylipohydrocarbon (PE,PP) resin shall be selected stearamide as a lubricant,its amount is about 0.2% of resin.
BS,PS,PC,AS,PMMA and other resin uses stearate resin as lubricant,its amount is 0.5%~3% of resin,generally 1%
4.Select dispersant
Choosing powdered PE wax can improve the dispersion effect of luminous pigment and improve the appearance and color of the finished products.
5.Select Coupling Agent
Before adding luminouspigment to the resin,treated with a coupling agent,and then mixed with the resin and additives.Thus can enhance the properties of luminous plastic products.
 6.Select stabilizer and antioxidant
Add 0.6% antioxidant with antioxidants like AT168 and AT1010.It can add less than 0.6% antioxidant to ASB resin.
Notice to the technology process:
1.Select the equipment with small long diameter.If the equipment can not be changed, the temperature to  the main maichine of feeding section and conveying section can be increased appropriately to 2-3 degrees. 
2.The speed of the main machine shall be 15% -20% higher than normal speed.This is to increase the material operating speed.
3.Before mixxing the material,it's not allow luminous pigment to have any strong shear and friction with higher speed mixing machine.Meanwhile,this process shouls be in the ceramic or plastic containers.

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