How to Use Photoluminescent Pigment for paint

Photoluminescent Pigment,also named glow in the dark pigment and luminous pigment.

Photoluminescent Pigment is divided into oil-based photoluminescent pigment and water-based photoluminescent pigment.Normally, it is widely used oil photoluminescent pigment to the oil painting.But if it is mixed with water-based painting,then we should choose water-based photoluminescent pigment.

1.Resin and varnish paint:Choose the resin with good light transmittance.As Photoluminescent pigment is the weak alkaline material,it’s better to choose the resin with neutral or weak alkaline feacture. 

If mixed the water-based resin,the photoluminescent pigment needs to undergo surface water resistance treatment.Selection of resin and varnish varieties:epoxy resin (E440),polyurethane resin(or varnish),ammonia varnish,polyester resin,acrylic resin,hydroxy acrylic resin,acrylic polyurethane varnish(double component),light coloured alcoholic varnish,fluorocarbon resin etc. 

2.Selection of auxiliaries:the additives in the luminous pigment are mainly composed of dispersant and anti - sinking agent,but the heavy metal compounds can not be used as additives. 

Painting shall be prepared in glass container or enamel container. The particle size of luminous powder is as small as possible, with the ratio of about 30 - 60% (50% is the best). 

The proportion of luminous powder can be deployed according to the actual situation and the desired light emitting effect. When preparing coating, it's better to choose high - speed mixing.The relative proportion of luminous material is 3.6 ~ 4.0.The coating materials is easy to sink,so you can use antisettling agent to improve the luminous pigment's validity. 

3.The thickness of paint and ink is greater than 100μ.for example,for 130μ~ 150μ is the best effect. 

4.Mix method: Prepare luminous powder in a small container,add an equal amount of translucent oil ink,stir evenly with wooden products(Remember not to use metal items,otherwise it will become black).Let the luminous powder fully wet,eliminate the air on the surface of luminous powder,so as not to affect its dispersion. If it needs to adjust colors or add more additives agent,stirring can be done simultaneously.Please pay attention that it must not have the phenomenon of grain formation.After mixing,pour the oil ink into and  mix them evenly,the luminous ink has been finished.(Antianti agent can be added to prevent luminous powder sinking)

5.Luminous ink is directly sprayed (printed) on the surface of the product:

The light emitting ink is best to print on the white substrate. Using the reflective effect of the bottom layer to improve the luminous pigments’brightness and its afterglow time on the pattern or logo. If the substrate has not white or light color, it shall be screen printed by white or light color ink to reach the thickness of 0.1~1.0mm. )

Spray Luminous ink: 

Before spraying (printing)  on the surface of product,it shall be cleaned to be oil stains free and no dust free,and then spray luminous ink with a thickness of about 0.2~0.5 mm.After spraying (printing),let it dry naturally for 40 - 60 minutes and finish it to be a luminous products. 

Our Long-term luminous powders'characteristics:

a.Long - term luminous powder does not contain any radioactive substances, non - toxic, harmless, no burning, no phosphorus, lead and other harmful elements or chemicals.It is safe for human body and tested by the National Authority   Testing Department.

a It has stable physical and chemical properties. 

b.Its service life is up to 20 years. 

c.With the feature of small particles, it’s easy to mix with various transparent medium.

d.It has the feature of waterproof. 

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