Can glitter apply to painting?

 Many people are curious about whether glitter powder can be applied to the paint? Due to glitter powder's colorful,hierarchical,stereoscopic and shiny properties,it is widely used in surface treatment,including the application of paint industry.So,it's avaiable to do it,but there are some details need to be paid attention in painting process.

What matters need to be paid attention? Let’s Go! 

1.Choose the correct color:different paint needs to choose different colors of glitter powder,such as gold glitter,silver glitter,Iridescent glitter,laser glitter,rainbow glitter and so on.

2.Choose glitter's specifications:different sizes of glitter  powder can  meet different needs when you have trialed  process.You can choose glitter size specifically according to the actual situation.In the case without any  impact on the operation,we recommend to use a bit bigger particle glitter size.Glitter with thicker and bigger shows more brightness.If considering to stir the glitter and paint and fully fused together,we advise uses 1/256" or 1/500" glitter powder, but it will reduces some less brightness.

3.Select glitter powders's property: different paints need to choose different properties of glitter powder,such as high temperature resistant glitter powder,solvent resistant glitter powder,corrosion resistant glitter powder,water proof glitter powder and so on.

4.Selec Professional Glitter Manufacture: Shantou Pangzhan New material Co., Ltd. produces glitter powder with hundreds of color,stable glitter quality and glitter's performances can meet the requirements of various industries.PZ glitter will maximize the value of your products. 

About these four aspects of glitter for paint,this article has already summarized all for you.By this method,the ornament part has 3D feeling,high bright features,luster. 

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