The Production Process Of Glitter Powder Applying To Christmas Crafts

Christmas ball is an essential element of Christmas decoration,and it is also a classic style of Christmas accessories.Glitter powders on the Christmas ball are more brilliant,bright color,slightly larger particle size.Generally,metallic glitter and rainbow glitter is the common items to Christams Ornament.

Following is the simple procedure of glitter for Christmas ball

1.Spray some paint on the surface of Christmas ball then dilute Christmas paint with some clean water: dilution ratio is the weight of this product: clean water =1:0.3-0.4.After adding water,stir evenly,static defoaming.Test its 

   viscosity for 15-16 seconds,then it can be directly sprayed.

2.After spraying,keep Christmas ball in the air for 2 minutes then put them to the oven baking.The baking time is according to the thickness of painting and art process,in short,it must make the surface of painting completely  solidified.

3.Then apply a layer of glitter glue or other waterborne glue on the surface of Christmas ball,and spray the various color glitter powder on the surface of Christmas ball with automatic spraying tool.

4.After drying in the air,a brilliant glitter Christmas ball will be produced.

Other production technology of glitter Christmas ornament is as above.

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