Our Production Advantage For Glitter Powder

 Our Production Advantage  For Glitter Powder

  As a unique surface decoration  material,glitter powder is widely used in Christmas,candle and other processes.Pang Zhan new materials Co.,LTD is committed to the production of high-quality glitter powder.
  Firstly,our raw materials are adopted imported special custom high temperature highlight PET film,its temperature resistance is about 180℃ (deviation is about 10℃),its transmittance reaches 90(deviation is about 5).The PET film's 
surface is as flat as mirror,with excellent temperature resistance,heat resistance,acid and alkali resistance and machining performance to ensure the best brightness of glitter powder.It makes glitter powder has good brightness,strong and uniform refraction color,smooth handle feeling and no any rough phenomenon.When mixing glitter and glue,the glue will not change its original color.Even at a high temperature of 180℃ for half an hour,it won't have any fading and darkness.For some industries with special requirements for high temperature and acid and alkali resistance,such as mixing our glitter with general paint,ink,glue,it also keeps its original color.

  Secondly,in the glitter market,most of glitter factories use domestic low-end machines to process on coating aluminum plating.The aluminum layer of glitter is dim and its metal gloss is poor,also,low corona value on film surface has bad effect on coating printing coloring.Pang Zhan's glitter powder adopts high quality Germany electroplating equipment.We have unique formula treatment and process improvement in evaporated aluminum wire,and the selection of aluminum film is equivalent to the same requirement of highlight reflective products.

  Finally, our R&D center has accumulated more than ten years of technical experiences and  has a set of strict management system on resin dissolution and dispersion,high temperature control,printing coloring component,uniform distribution of film surface and controlling the surface of glitter smoothness.High quality coating technology can ensure that the color pigment fully fastness on the film surface.Scientific temperature and inking management system ensure that different colors can fully show its best color effect.

  Pang Zhan's glitter powder can not only be used in Christmas,candles and other art,even in some areas with high quality requirements such as screen printing,coatings,decorative materials,glass,crystal spheres,plastic,paint decoration.furniture spray paint and so on.Our glitter powder has the feature of  bright color, accurate specifications,smooth handle feeling,stable color,durable luster,high temperature resistance,solvent resistance and other unique qualities and high glitter characteristics.Our glitter powder makes the decorative product more hierarchical,3D effect,more bright and luster. 

  Pang Zhan company is willing to provide you with the best and stable glitter quality and services,always welcome to your cooperation!

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